Proxies & Wine Alternatives

Non-alcoholic alternatives to wine

When we talk about proxies, we describe unique, complex drinks that break new ground in terms of taste and are fun to drink without wanting to be something they are not: Wine. So (wine) proxies, or wine alternatives, are not about imitating or replacing the taste of wine, but about having an alternative for all those moments when a glass of wine or sparkling wine is often the beverage of choice (often even habitually): to celebrate the day or accompany your meal, after a busy day enjoyed in the bathtub or at the movie premiere, vernissage, corporate event.

Proxies are multi-layered compositions of every imaginable ingredient, sometimes produced using different fermentation methods. Kombucha, kvass or water kefir, juices from fruits or vegetables, teas, hydrolates or infusions of herbs, flowers and spices can be the basis or ingredients of these exciting cuvées. In their complexity and feel, these non-alcoholic alternatives are modeled on the experience of great wines, but without trying to copy or imitate them.