Alcohol-Free Spirits & Aperitif

Spirited Away

Alcohol-free spirits? Say what?

Strictly speaking, there are no non-alcoholic spirits, since a spirit is by definition a high-proof drink. We prefer the term alcohol-free alternatives to spirits and understand representatives of this category to be drinks designed to either resemble big names such as gin, whiskey or rum in a non-alcoholic manner or those who - even more excitingly - pave new ways of independently developed flavor profiles.

We are constantly on the lookout for exciting alternatives, including those to alcohol-free spirits. Unfortunately, a variety of artificial flavourings and colourings are often used in the production process, which we are less enthusiastic about. We have also decided to not include any dealcoholised spirits in our portfolio, but to count on producers and products that work with methods that feel more natural to us.

Know of more great products that are missing in our current range? We are always happy about a nudge in the right direction, of course!