Juice & Sparkling Juice

Sparkle, sparkle little juice.

Let’s say sparkling juice is juice with benefits. First-class fruit juice, usually pure or, more rarely, slightly diluted with water, is either left in its natural beauty or refined with herbs and spices and then lightly carbonated. The result is a finely aromatic aperitif that, because of its elegant sweetness, also looks good alongside various main courses, selected desserts, and sumptuous cheese platters.

Imagine the sommelière in the restaurant recommending a glass of white wine to the lovingly composed dish without being able to give information about the grape variety and its qualities. For many guests, this would be completely unacceptable, and rightly so. So why put up with this when it comes to juice? Not all juices are the same because there is so much to discover and the right choice for every occasion and taste - from pure apple juices, wild fruit juices and finely composed cuvées to surprising vegetable juices. In any case, one thing seems clear: juice deserves more attention!

Our juices and sparkling juices are made by Agnes from Ökoweingut Schütte, Florian from Gutshof Kraatz, the Gustavshof and Van Nahmen. Soon they will be joined by Thomas Kohl’s mountain apple juices, a selection from Bergkelterei Bergschäferei, and others.