non-alcoholic alternatives for all!


Alcohol-free alternatives for your restaurant or bar

With our extensive portfolio of non-alcoholic alternatives, we provide restaurateurs from all sectors the opportunity to craft an appealing non-alcoholic menu that goes beyond mere juice spritzers and sodas. Whether you’re running a daytime café, a fine dining restaurant, or a pop-up for just one night, a high-quality and relevant selection of non-alcoholic beverages is essential for any modern concept and adds an extra layer of inclusivity.

We focus our selection on unique beverages that don’t mimic existing alcoholic options but offer distinct, complex drinking experiences. Our portfolio includes ready-to-serve alternatives to wine and sparkling wine, which we call “proxies,” as well as various aperitifs and non-alcoholic spirits, premium juices and fruit seccos, fruity cuvées and kombucha, verjus, vinegar-based shrubs and oxymels, adaptogenic elixirs, and a fine selection of craft beer, soda, and tonic.

So if you’re open to expanding the non-alcoholic menu in your bar, want to start with a non-alcoholic beverage pairing in your restaurant, or are simply seeking new ideas for your next event, the most important step has already been taken. We will support you with everything along the way. Get in touch via email, and we’ll help you navigate the fascinating world of alcohol-free alternatives to find the right fits for you from our selection.

Alcohol-free alternatives for your shop or pop up store

We also offer a fine selection of our non-alcoholic alternatives at special conditions for retailers. Whether delicatessen or boutique for maternity fashion, Scandinavian concept store or (natural) wine shop, an appealing bottle looks good in any environment.

Non-alcoholic alternatives as a corporate gift or in your goodie bag

Are you looking for new ideas for the annual corporate gift, a special reward for your employees or are you just putting together the goodie bags for the next event? We are happy to help and advise you on our various offers.

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