Alcohol-Free Beer

Did someone say booooeeering?

The days of the sad, non-alcoholic beer are over. No category in the non-alcoholic beverage sector has developed as rapidly in the last ten years as that of non-alcoholic beers, and many great alcohol-free beers can already be found at all sorts of supermarkets and kiosks (which is great!). Here at The Mindful Drinking Club, we offer you a small and changing selection of non-alcoholic craft beers we believe to be something special or extra fun.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that every medium to large beer empire now has at least one af alternative on offer. What is even more exciting though, is the growing number of smaller craft breweries, some of which are counting entirely on alcohol-free beers. Slightly sweet, flat Pilsner was yesterday, so clear the stage for diverse beer enjoyment without alcohol!