When life gives you vinegar, make shrubs!

Shrubs & Drinking Vinegars

A shrub is a kind of vinegar-based syrup that does not necessarily have to be boiled. When spritzed with soda or tonic, it makes a delicious refreshing drink in no time at all, and shrubs also cut a fine figure in salad dressings. Shrubs can be made from practically any mild vinegar, but a fine apple cider vinegar is particularly popular as a base.

Drinking vinegars are usually enjoyed pure and can make for a wonderful liquid start to a culinary evening: the fine vinegar cleanses the palate and opens the taste buds for the following menu. As with shrubs, however, there are of course no limits to creativity when it comes to drinking vinegars!

We currently feature the delicious oxymels from kruut, with more to come soon.

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