Pink November

50 shades of pink

Brighten your November with all the pink & red we got!

November in Berlin and large parts of our western hemisphere mostly feels like one very long grey day. While grey looks very elegant on our unplastered showroom wall (at least we think so), it’s hardly suitable as a permanent weather condition and can be quite the pain. So we came up with a fun remedy, produly presenting: the Pink November Collection! Here you will find all products from our portfolio that fill your glass with a cheerful color somewhere between pale pink and deep red. From non-alcoholic aperitifs to alternatives to sparkling wine and spirits, shrubs and wine alternatives to non-alcoholic beers and low alcohol pomquettes, there’s something for every taste and occasion.

See how bright and playful November can be after all!

A note on Black Friday

A few years ago noone around here knew about Black Friday. Quickly Black Friday turned into Black November and now there is even another retail holiday called Single’s Day?

Instead of Black Friday we did our Colorful Friday already last year, and we stick to our belief, that our products have the same value all year round and made up sales holidays are simply breaking small businesses’ necks. A local, indepently run business like ours simply can not compete with retail giants. Also, we really don’t want to. We know, flashy discounts can be tempting and arouse attention, but we believe they can also lead to questionable buying decisons and unnecessary purchases. We believe in quality, in fair pay and a sustainable way of doing business, respecting our producers, valuing their work and creativity, and trying to be mindful towards ourselves and our own resources.

Thank you for considering a local shop like ours.