Christmas Lunch & Dinner

Alcohol-free & Mindful

Feasts to remember!
A selection of alcohol-free alternatives for the festive season.


Three ideas to get your festive mode on and start off your Christmas Lunch or Dinner. Go elegant and extraordinary with Blackberry Leaf & Apple by Von Wiesen or a tad more funky with a Mini Magnum of Bouche’s Melonbuzz. Looking for a more bitter Aperitivo style to fuel your appetite? Then our OSCO X Selvatiq bundle is where it’s at for you!

For Lunch & Dinner - Roast Beef, Stuffed Turkey & Co.

Whether you are going for German classics like duck breast or roast goose, or international favorites like roast beef or stuffed turkey, these three alcohol-free alternatives are a good fit for hearty dishes and gravy lovers.

For Lunch & Dinner - Plant based

Here’s three of our favorites for your plant based winter feast feat. all things kale & cabbage and mushrooms, or fresh pasta with pumpkin and sage.

For Lunch & Dinner - Sausages & potato salad, Cheese Fondue or Raclette

Savory classics for social gatherings big and small, all three of our recommendations can take it with cheesy goodness and creamy potato salads.

Dessert & After Dinner

Try this luxurious sparkling Riesling juice or the delightful combination of almondy Amaretto and crisp apple to go with or instead of dessert. The end of dinner doesn’t need to be the end of the night though: Gnista X Bouche Cascarah is your after dinner pick me up choice!