The true taste of Norway

Villbrygg stands at the forefront of innovative, non-alcoholic beverages, inspired by the untamed beauty of Norway’s landscapes. Their commitment to crafting sparkling botanical drinks using wild, locally sourced ingredients and herbs from organic and biodynamic farming encapsulates a bold and unique taste experience. Their approach not only highlights the rich Nordic flora but also supports sustainable and responsible production methods.

Nestled in the heart of Norway, Villbrygg captures the essence of the Nordic wilderness to create its distinctive botanical brew, SKOG 03. This beverage showcases the concept of “Nordic Tropics,” blending the unique tang of Norwegian berries and herbs with a commitment to quality and innovation. Offering a sophisticated, alcohol-free alternative, SKOG 03 resonates with the lush landscapes from which its ingredients are sourced, embodying the spirit of Norway in every sip.

Villbrygg’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their selection of ingredients and production practices. Embracing organic and biodynamic farming practices, they ensure each bottle not only delivers exceptional taste but also reflects a deep respect for nature. Their production process is designed to minimize environmental impact, highlighting their dedication to crafting beverages that are both exquisite and environmentally responsible.

Through SKOG 03, Villbrygg invites us all to explore the depths of Norwegian terroir. This drink serves as a gateway to experiencing the vibrant, aromatic world of the Nordic wilderness. It’s more than just a beverage; it is an invitation to a journey of discovery, taste, and a celebration of nature’s bounty, offering a unique connection to the natural world through its refreshing and complex profile.